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Are Psych Meds Causing Half A Million Deaths?

Medical Journal Update: Study Shows Psych Meds Causing Half A Million Deaths Annually

drugsThe British Medical Journal published a paper, based on a study conducted by researchers at the Nordic Cochrane Centre (an independent drug safety analysis group based out of Denmark) finding that more than half a million people in the West die every year from psych meds, which authors found have “minimal” benefits and a multitude of harmful side effects.

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Trying to Lose Weight?

Study Indicates Why Some People Find It More Difficult to Lose Weight Than Others

ObesityAccording to a study published in the online journal Diabetes, a “thrifty metabolism” may make it more difficult for some people to lose weight than others.

A six week laboratory study, including 12 obese men and women, determined that some people have what researchers called a “thrifty” metabolism, causing them to lose less weight when fasting or reducing caloric intake.

“The results corroborate the idea that some people who are obese may have to work harder to lose weight due to metabolic differences,” lead author Martin Reinhardt, M.D., from the Phoenix Epidemiology and Clinical Research Branch of the U.S. National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, said in an institute news release.


This would explain why we experience such a remarkably high success rate with our body alkalising, total body makeover approach, rather than by focusing on dieting.

Our approach is not about forcing a reduced caloric intake, or using appetite suppressants, as a means of losing weight. Those types of approaches may work for some people (and we have 100% certificed organic and wild-crafted products to support that approach to weight loss as well, for those who prefer that approach).

What many people don’t realise; however, is that the body uses fat to store toxins that would otherwise harm the body. Therefore, the first thing we do in a healthy and holistic approach to weightloss is to detoxify the body — safely, slowly and naturally, over a 30-day period of time.

As these toxins, heavy metals and other harmful compounds are released, we begin to naturally help the body restore a healthier alkaline pH, so that it burns fat more efficiently, controls blood sugar levels, and restores the proper LDL/HDL cholesterol levels.

Once the body is back in balance, it begins to burn fat more efficiently… cravings are naturally reduced, because the nutritional deficiencies that trigger them have been addressed, and we move the patient closer to homeostasis. So you lose weight and keep it off.

This works whether the person has a “thrifty” metabolism, or a “spendthrift” metabolism, and is only enhanced by any caloric reduction or increased physical activity, the subject may choose to engage.

It’s not known if people are born with different metabolic responses to lower calorie intake, or if they develop over time.

“What we’ve learned from this study may one day enable a more personalized approach to help people who are obese achieve a healthy weight,” Griffin Rodgers, M.D., director of the Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, said in the news release.

Further research is needed to determine if these individual responses can be used to prevent weight gain, the study authors said.

In the meantime, we’ve found an approach, which we exclusively recommend at the Abundant Life Network, which works for anyone trying to shed unwanted pounds, and for less than they’re probably already spending on lunch or dinner; meaning they can begin this process without incurring any new expenses.

If you know someone who is struggling with weight loss, put them in touch with us, or visit our Go Clean and Lean website.

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Minerals and a Healthy Diet (Organic Living Webcast)


Minerals have been called the “spark plugs in the chemistry of life”. Yet our Western diet, environmental factors, including stress, and the fact that many of our vegetables are grown in soil that has been chemically depleted of its natural nutrients and compounds essential to growing vitamin and mineral rich vegetables, has resulted in a pandemic of mineral deficiency in North America, Australia and the European Union.

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Knowing Who to Trust with Your Health & Wellness

Building-Trust-with-AdvertisersKnowing who to trust, when it comes to your health, is critically important. Being confident that the companies, wellness consultants and medical professionals from whom you get your wellness advice are ethical, fair and well-informed is an essential component in making empowered decisions about your life.

Knowing who to trust isn’t always easy.

There are folks right now, formerly acknowledged by the Abundant Life Network and the Institute for Quantum Healing, Organic Living and Noetic Sciences as Certified Wellness Advocates, who are finding themselves in a very difficult, uncomfortable and ethically challenging position.

They’ve learned that the company with which they are associated — a company that misleads the consumers and its distribution network, by making a false claim that they formulate their own products, and only offer 100% certified organic products — may not actually offer products that are entirely safe, healthy or effective.

They’ve discovered their company lying in sales literature, and misrepresenting overpriced bee pollen, honey and propolis tablets as a “pro-biotic”.

They’ve struggled with their company’s claims that it’s safe to spray a household cleaning product, with an undisclosed amount of sodium chlorite in it, on wounds, and in the ears, eyes and mouths of their loved ones, after learning that doing so chemically releases chlorine dioxide — a poisonous compound — into the bloodstream.

potassiumhydroxideThey’ve scratched their heads, wondering why their company lies about all of the products being organic, when a poorly formulated, cheap and ineffective “pH drops” product’s second highest ingredient is not only non-organic, but not healthy for consumption at all. In fact, the safety data sheets on that CORROSIVE ingredient warn about how unsafe it is to expose yourself to that ingredient, as you can see on the excerpt here. (click image to enlarge)

They’ve discovered that the lies about how their alklalising “greens” product is more effective because of the ionic charge that makes it stick to the sides of the scoop and your finger (a cheap parlour trick that is produced by leaving the product in the dehydrator a little longer than necessary, so that static electricity builds up, which has zero impact on absorption or alleged increased benefits of the product itself, since that charge is lost, when it’s added to water).

And of course, they know their company has been lying to them about how much the company is struggling, since hundreds of former business owners have disassociated themselves with the company each week since last fall, over ethical, scientific and professional differences.

But those formerly certified wellness advocates are scared…

They’ve been intimidated and controlled by the company, which continues to lie, bully and psychologically manipulate them into staying, despite their ethical concerns and professional questions going unresolved.

They’re afraid to admit they were mislead and manipulated, and worry that they will lose their close-knit teams that they’ve truly worked so hard to build.

And they don’t want to lose the income they’ve slowly watched drop, month-after-month, as they realised their company’s compensation plan is one of the worst ever developed, despite claims to the contrary by the company’s owners.

So what do they do?

Well, I frankly cannot pretend to understand how or why someone would remain involved with a company they know in their hearts and minds to be unethical and dishonest. And I struggle with how I am supposed to respect such people as “leaders”, when they are taking advantage of others knowingly now.

Once you’ve learned the TRUTH about something, whether it’s discovering that a product is not being properly formulated, or that it’s a repackaged, private-labeled and obscenely overpriced version of something readily available worldwide for pennies on the dollar… or whether it’s coming to understand the science behind a product more completely, so that you understand that what you had been led to believe is not true or necessarily safe and healthy…

Once you know it, you can’t “unknow” the truth.

integ2It’s just like the squirrelly-but-likeable character who’s represented as a member of the advisory council, and who actually lies to people, telling them he earns $10K per month, but who actually lives in a less-than-great trailer park, and earns so little that his wife has to work insane hours to keep a roof over their heads…

You might have bought the goods they were selling, because they’re effective and professional liars and con-artists… but once you learn the truth, that run-down trailer park doesn’t magically turn into a $300K riverfront condo, or a beautiful farm in the country… but once you know, if you continue to do business with that kind of person, the truth is, you’re an accomplice to his lies. Period.

Fortunately, you have a choice. 

Ultimately, they have a choice too. They can say, “My personal values, guiding principles and ethics no longer allow me to associate with this company. I might miss certain products, and I will surely miss the association with some of my friends there, but I cannot endorse a company that knowing misleads and potentially harms the public health. ”

And you can choose to align yourself with qualified, dedicated and more ethical individuals yourself. If someone was willing to walk away from a significant income with a company, because of ethical and product safety issues, it’s very likely that person has the kind of integrity you’re looking for, and can be trusted to give you honest and effective product information and advice.

Knowing who to trust isn’t always easy… but it begins with listening to your intuition and applying some basic logical skills to test and evaluate the situation at hand.

That’s why people know that they can trust members of the Abundant Life Network’s “Organic Ninja” wellness consultants, including the person who shared this article with you.

They know that when they do business with a Wellness Advocate endorsed by Dr. Salvato and Dr. Brown-Cannon, they not only have the credibility of that endorsement, but similarly have access to the leadership, medical advisors, and of course, the benefit of knowing that they can rely on the Green Organics company, for safe, honest and professional advice, information and product recommendations, on-going education and wellness advocacy programs.

And those formerly certified wellness advocates are learning that they can once again be certified and affiliated with a respected leader in the field, by becoming part of our global organic wellness movement. And they can leave behind the corporate temper tantrums, the attitudes, the lies and innuendo used to attempt to distract from what’s really going on, and the other ethical issues that have been slowly eroding at their own credibility in the marketplace.

I’ve often noticed that, as my friend Steve Maraboli writes in his book, Life, the Truth, and Being Free, “The right thing to do and the hard thing to do are usually the same.”

It’s often not easy to make a decision to walk away from a toxic situation or company… especially when they do such a great job of pretending to be [sic] “toxic-free”, but when it’s time, it’s time.

[Editor’s Note: I’ve often wondered why educated people would use such a functionally illiterate term as “toxic-free”, until I realised that like much of the greenwashing and corporate lies about organic products, if they claimed to be “toxin-free”, they could possibly be held legally accountable for unhealthy, inorganic products (or ingredients that release toxins, such as chlorine dioxide)… but if they use a trademarked, grammatically senseless term, like “toxic-free” they can apply that label to a turd, and get away with it. And apparently, they do just that!]

If you’re ready to explore your options for a healthier, happier and more ethical life, please reach out to us. You’ll find out contact information at the bottom of our homepage at:

horizontal-ruleMedical Disclaimer: Statements found on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information and videos we share is meant to be used for educational and informational purposes only, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This site contains information which is for informational purposes only. It does not constitute medical advice and makes no warranties as to fitness for any particular purpose. Users should consult a health professional about any information presented here to determine its suitability.



Great News for Doctors, Alternative Wellness Practitioners, Salons & Spas

BrandRecognitionLet’s face it, in today’s competitive world, one of the most important things you can do to build your practice or business is to establish your brand in the marketplace. That’s why we have such great news for doctors, alternative wellness practitioners (including acupuncturists, herbalists, naturopaths, massage therapists, kinesiologists and Reiki practitioners), in addition to salon, spa and farmer’s market shop owners*.

For a little more than 22 years, naturopathic physician and alternative wellness advocate, Dr. F. Gianmichael Salvato and Dr. Debra Brown-Cannon, N.P., R.N.C., M.B.A. have worked to teach medical professionals and spa owners how to establish and build brand recognition in the marketplace.   They’ve literally helped thousands of men and women learn the simple strategies they could employ to make their practices more profitable, and to increase referrals and firmly establish loyalty and repeat business.

Until now, when a professional shared their passion for helping people improve their health, through the process of detoxification of the body, alkalising and nourishing the cells,  inside and out, it meant finding a company or companies that offered products consistent with that mission, and offering them to our patients/clients.

The problem with that was that the best quality and most innovative product lines, for the past twenty-nine years, have adopted the “relationship marketing” (previously known as direct sales or network marketing) business model; and while there is certainly nothing “wrong” with that (after all, Mary Kay, Amway, Tupperware and Herbalife are billion dollar companies as a result of that business model), it was seldom something medical professionals, salon and spa owners, and other wellness professionals wanted to get caught up in.

We had our practices/businesses, and didn’t want to be distracted by recruiting, selling, and promoting a business opportunity.

Am I right? 

Let me ask you a question…

If it were possible to carry one of the world’s highest quality wellness lines — 100% certified organic, wild-crafted, GMO-free, toxin-free, plant/mineral based health products, essential oils, detoxification and personal care products — formulated on the cutting-edge of nutritional science and complementary medicine (proven healing practices and products that work in conjunction with traditional medicine), and if for the first time, you were able to select which products fit your practice, and then have those products private-labeled with YOUR NAME ON THEM, AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU, can you see where that would help grow your business?

Of course you can. 

nutrition-and-oils1-300x174And now, goDésana — a diversified, Ohio based company committed to providing our customers unique products using pure, certified organic and wild-crafted ingredients from around the world, is making that possible for practitioners like you.

Our powerful, synergistic formulas produce life-enhancing results while eliminating potentially harmful ingredients found in countless competitive products, including many labeled “organic” and “natural”.

At goDésana, we believe overall wellness is the basis of all happiness in life. It is our mission to help people worldwide improve their quality of life and achieve optimal health.

GoDésana was built upon honesty, integrity and transparency, with a vision and mission to provide affordable life-changing products and an income opportunity that empowers people to create a healthier wealthier lifestyle while also making a difference in the world.

No recruiting requirements. No need to talk to or expose your patients/clients to a “business opportunity” (unless you choose to do so). Just the chance to get your own potent and referral-generating, high-quality nutriceuticals and wellness products, branded with YOUR PRACTICE NAME (or your personal name) on them! See the example label below (click to enlarge):

label example

Think about it…

Your patient/client tries your weight loss or detox/cleansing program, which is private-labeled at no additional cost to you. They start losing weight and feeling better than ever before. Their friends and loved ones notice and ask them what they’re doing. What are they going to tell them?

“I’ve started using this program from Dr. So-and-So, or the XYZ Spa Weight Loss program, and it’s incredible.”

Think you’ll get referrals? You bet! And if those referrals are out of state or half-way around the world, it’s no problem, because you can always refer those folks to your free online store, where they can get those same quality products via secure eCommerce.

For more information, and your chance to attend a private, confidential webinar this week, to learn how the program could help YOU increase your bottom line by as much as $50-$150K in the next twelve months, drop us a line at:


GoDésana products are raw, plant-based functional whole food derived from organic and wild harvested sources. Our manufacturers and suppliers can certify to our ingredients and to our low- to no-heat processes which maintains the integrity of the raw whole food including nutrients and enzymes.

We insist on the purest ingredients and the finest process for our bioavailable and purposeful formulations. Below you will find our nutrient and manufacturing certifications.


*Private labeling is available to all goDésana consultants.  To do so you would complete our Private Label Agreement, and order a minimum of 12 units of product (this can be split 2, 3, or 4 ways).




Bentonite Clay (Calcium Bentonite) – Nature’s Alkaline Detox Wonder

bigstock-Mud-Caldron-And-Cracked-Earth-46170067-480x360With its safe and effective ‘full body detoxification’, bentonite clay (calcium bentonite) is one of the staples of any sound and healthy alkalisation and cleansing protocol.

Bentonite clay removes toxins, helps to reduce inflammation, and is unique in its ability to produce an “electrical charge” when hydrated. This charge is one of the keys to bentonite clay being so effective at aborption of and removal of toxins, heavy metals and chemicals from the bloodstream.

The history of using healing clays dates back thousands of years, and can be found in dozens of ancient cultures. We can also see clues within the animal kingdom, as those animals in regions where volcanos once existed, will often eat the clay earth to rid their bodies of poisons accidentally ingested, heal diseases and restore balance. The animal kingdom knows the benefits of plants and minerals!

What is Bentonite Clay?

Bentonite Clay is composed of aged volcanic ash. The name comes from the largest known deposit of Bentonite Clay located in Fort Benton, Wyoming, where numerous volcanos are present, so the name of the clay stems from the town where today much of the supply is still harvested. However, another ancient source of this volcanic clay comes from Southern Italy and from Montmorillon in France, and so it is sometimes called “Montmorillonite clay”.

The use of calcium bentonite clays include many of the cultures in the Andes, Central Africa and among the indigenous Australian Aboriginal peoples.

Bentonite clay carries a strong negative charge which bonds to the positive charge in many toxins.

When it comes in contact with a toxin, chemical, or heavy metal, the clay will absorb the toxin and release it’s minerals for the body to use. Bentonite also helps oxygenate the cells as it pulls excess hydrogen, allowing the cells to replace it with oxygen instead.

The clay rapidly swells, when in contact with water, becoming purous like a sponge, as a result of its electrical charge. Then it holds those toxins and heavy metals like a powerful magnet, so that they can be transported out of the body.

Uses of Bentonite Clay in Healing

Among the historic and scientifically proven uses for calcium bentonite clay, which we’ve used clinically in our practice for a little over 17 years, are:


  • Help with digestive disturbances like acid reflux, constipation, bloating, gas, etc. (Kaolin clay was common ingredient in medicines like Maalox and Rolaids for years)
  • Helping with skin and allergy issues
  • To help provide minerals for the body
  • To help speed recovery from vomiting and diarrhea
  • Detoxification
  • In oral health preperations
  • Externally for all types of skin problems and to speed healing
  • Quickly and naturally helping the body to eliminate lead poisoning and other heavy metal toxins. (“Heavy metal toxins” usually refer to substances like mercury, cadmium, lead, and benzene. These can unfortunately be found in increasing amounts in foods that contain high fructose corn syrup or certain types of fish).

Bentonite clay benefits your body by helping to expel many of these toxins safely and effectively, and therefore increases cellular immunity and reduces inflammation. 

A Potent Source of Minerals

One of the big challenges in addressing mineral deficiencies in our diets often ends up being that many mineral supplements are “heavy” and difficult to tolerate. What’s more, these “heavy” and often carbonated mineral supplements are not easily absorbed by our bodies.

Just a single tablespoon of organic calcium bentonite clay (like the source we exclusively use with patients, clients and in our own homes, which is Clay Vitality Detox Powder from goDésana) supplies the following mineral array (click to enlarge):


Pure bentonite clay has many practical applications, and because of its powerful natural properties, it has been referred to as “healing clay” thoughout the ages. Clay can be used both internally and externally, but it has to be the right type of clay to be both safe and effective. We only recommend the use of Clay Vitality Detox Powder for both internal and external uses (or Clay Vitality Detox Mud for external use).

Additional Healthful Uses of Bentonite Clay includea:

1. Helping to Heal Eczema, Dermatitis & Skin Conditions

Mixing a small amount of bentonite clay with spring water, and then applying it to areas affected by skin conditions, such as eczema, contact dermatitis, psoriasis or rosacea, as well as poison ivy or poison oak exposures, and then allowing the clay to dry, allows the clay to bind with bacteria, toxins and debris on the skin and in the pores, extracting the cause of irritation, alleviating redness and inflammation.

2. Natural Healing Aid

Bentonite clay has antibiotic properties, when applied topically to the skin, which can help reduce inflammation, calm skin infections and aid the body in healing of wounds.

3. Oxygenating the Body

By pulling excess hydrogen from the cells, your body will be able to more efficiently oxygenate itself, resulting in greater energy, clarity and capacity for healing.

4. As a Bath Soak

Bentonite clay, particularly when added to Himalayan or Dead Sea Salt, and added to your bath water, creates a hydrating, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory “spa escape” that allows toxins being dispelled from the skin to become bound to the clay, while the skin absorbs the minerals and restores pH balance.

5. Alkalising the Body

Bentonite clay contains alkalising minerals, which when consumed in a glass of spring water, have a powerful effect in helping the body to restore alkaline pH balance.

6. Prebiotic Support

Research has also shown that bentonite clay can bind to particular toxins like “aflatoxins” that are common in the standard diet, found in things like peanuts and some grains.

When left unattended, aflatoxins can contribute to liver damage and potentially even the onset of certain cancers.

Because of bentonite clay’s negatively charged electrons, it is able to withstand acids found in the gut and to survive long enough to bind to toxins. Just one tablespoon of Clay Vitality in a glass of spring water daily can give your body the healing edge it needs to detoxify and cleanse, while gently restoring it to a healthy alkaline state.

7. Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial Protection

According to a study from Arizona State University (cf:, bentonite clay was found to be an effective means of killing e. Coli and MRSA.

8. Relieves Digestive Problems

Because it helps to neutralise bacteria in the gut, and kill viruses, bentonite clay can be useful in alleviating nausea, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or food poisoning. (3-4 tablespoons in a glass of spring water would be recommended for this sort of condition).

9. Immune System Booster

Because so much of the immune system’s function is within the gut, by using bentonite clay to protect the intestinal wall, and help absorb and eliminate pesticides, toxins, bacteria, and chemicals that could potentially enter the blood, the body is better able to organically and naturally improve immune response. (cf:

10. Improving Dental Health

Bentonite clay binds to unhealthy substances in the mouth, such as around the teeth and on the tongue and gums, and helps to remove them before you swallow them and become sick. because of Bentonite’s anti-bacterial properties it has been used in natural toothpastes and even mixed with water and used as a daily rinse.

One Last Powerful Benefit of Bentonite Clay

I recommend adding bentonite clay to any tap water you may be drinking, in addition to adding 20 drops of beCalm Magnesium biomineral formula, to help eliminate flouride in your drinking water. (I actually advise not drinking tap water, but if you must, this can be a helpful tip!)

Studies show that this could be the most effective means of deflouridation of our drinking water. (See:

You can detox your body safely with our premier and alkalizing 9+ pH Clay Vitality, as it is a unique and rare, green swelling Calcium Bentonite clay with Montmorillonite properties from the Smectite family of clays.

Developed from weathered volcanic ash rich in trace minerals, Clay Vitality is a powerful agent of stimulation, transformation, detoxing, and transmission of energy that speeds cellular revitalisation.

Because its properties have not been compromised by air or ground water contaminants, this highly charged, all natural Calcium Bentonite clay has a drawing power of 32 times its molecular weight. Making it ideal for use in deep cleansing, detoxing, clarifying of the skin, facial masks, body wraps, and many other uses.

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Intestinal Bacteria and a Healthy Brain

Intestinal Flora (friendly bacteria) are not replenished by taking fruit juice or honey-based products.

Intestinal Flora (friendly bacteria) are not replenished by taking fruit juice or honey-based products.

What’s the connection between intestinal bacteria and a healthy brain?

It might surprise most people to know that their body is made up of more bacterial and fungal microbes than human cells, but it’s true. Within the gut alone, there are trillions of microbial cells, and overall, there are about ten times as many microbes in the body as there are human cells.

And that is why scientists have begun to study the the ecological community of commensal, symbiotic and pathogenic microorganisms, sharing our body space, which are referred to collectively as the “microbiome” of the gut more carefully.

Why? Because we’re beginning to find that there is a significant link between the condition of your intestinal flora and your mental health, brain function and acuity.

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Hashimoto’s Disease

Hashimoto's DiseaseAs our world and food becomes more polluted and degraded, the incidence of “autoimmune” disease will steadily increase. Hashimoto’s Disease is a condition in which your immune system attacks your thyroid, a small gland at the base of your neck below your Adam’s apple.

Our environment is killing us, and there is no medicine to protect us from it.

When I was first diagnosed with Hashiomoto’s, I had already begun to grow some abnormal tumorous masses on the thyroid, so doctors suspected that we might have caught it too late; however, knowing how to alkalise the body, I was able to eventually restore my thyroid to perfect condition again, and shrink the tumors until they can no longer be found.

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