Stone Fruits and Riovida Keep You Fit for Summer

stonefruitsWant to keep looking great in your swimsuit all summer long? Can stone fruits and Laminine keep you fit for summer? A recent study by Texas A&M AgriLife Research, indicated that fruits containing pits can help control blood sugar levels, and aid weight loss.

The phenolic compounds in stone fruits have anti-obesity, anti-inflammatory, and anti-diabetic properties.


slimdownCortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands, which are also responsible for the production of estrogen, testosterone, progesterone and cortisone. In a healthy body, cortisol is responsible for helping your body to control stress, regulate blood sugar levels, metabolise fats, carbohydrates and proteins, and helps to regulate the body’s immune response.

With increased and sustained stress levels, cortisol reaches excessive levels, your heart rate, breathing,  and adrenaline levels increase, muscles tense-up, and your metabolism slows down. This can result in an increase of the deeper, visceral fat, especially around the mid-section.

So consider adding some of those great summer fruits, like peaches, nectarines, plums, cherries and apricots to your diet, and talk to a Wellness Advocate or holisitic health professional about possibly adding Riovida to your daily routine.

You’ll enjoy the benefits of a trimmed-down waist, increased energy, reduction in inflammation and stress, and will be ready for those summer parties, all the way through Labour Day.

If you’re interested in learning more about ways to reduce stress, control blood sugar and trim down without drugs, chemicals or unsafe dieting products, drop us a line.

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About F. Gianmichael Salvato

Co-founder of the Abundant Life Network, and Director of the Institute for Quantum Healing & Noetic Sciences, Dr. F. Gianmichael Salvato has worked in the field of Quantum Healing, Alternative Medicine, Eastern Healing modalities and Energetic/Vibrational Healing for more than 29 years, Together with his wellness partner, nurse practitioner Debra Cannon, they began to share the eleven clinical studies that were published about a brand new approach to wholefood supplementation and cellular nutrition with other doctors and medical professionals throughout the country. Today, Dr. Salvato, who was responsible for bringing the ancient Tibetan and Japanese quantum energy technologies of the original Renzoku Chiya-Ryoku Nano Wand to the Western world (which has been imitated by dozens of companies without being able to match the results of the original device), is recognised as a foremost authority on holistic and bioenergetic wellness in North America.
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  • Judy Garcia

    Great Gianmichael, we all need to eat more fruits and take Laminine to stay healthy.

  • Dr. F. Gianmichael Salvato

    Thanks, Judy. You’re right! And we appreciate your support!

  • Judy Kojadinovich

    Considering I just ate some apricots and had my Laminine, I am feeling really good about my morning. It is no wonder why my Type 1 diabetes is under excellent control. This is really helpful article for those trying to get healthy. With the obesity epidemic threatening health, losing weight by eating weight, eating delicious fruit that you know will help and taking Laminine only makes total sense. Thanks for explaining how it works.

  • Dr. F. Gianmichael Salvato

    You’re right, Judy. Laminine does make perfect sense. Glad you enjoyed the article.