Ron Williams - Founder and CEO of Uforia Science Chapter 2: Pick a Pack DNA UStart Kit

Video Narration: ‘Pick a Pack’ with CEO, Ron Williams

Hi, this is Ron Williams, CEO at Uforia Science and this is chapter two of our compensation series, ‘Pick a Pack’. So, as we witnessed the beginning of the end of blind nutrition, it’s very important you pick a pack and understand the importance of the DNA U-Start kit. This UStart kit includes the swabs in it, this is gives you the opportunity to go to you and register for your DNA analysis. Make sure you use the coupon, while still valid because it gives you half price off your one- time lab analysis fee.


Next, get your DNA swabs in the mail right away, because the sooner you get it int the mail, the sooner your DNA pairs to your very own nutrition and you receive it at your doorstep.

So, next you need to pick a pack. Now most consumers obviously pick a single pack because they just want to consume the product. We have many consumers and we welcome all consumers but for those who are wanting to build a business, there are special business packs with special business perks associating those pack:

Now, the three pack comes with a fifteen percent discount saving roughly, seventy-two dollars but you want to have these packs in your possession, because you want to be able to give them out to people within your reach. The five pack has a twenty percent discount saving you about a hundred and sixty dollars, getting one pack for free, more\ less. Then finally, the big one everybody’s using and they’re getting it out there in abundance. That’s the ten pack. The ten pack saves you twenty five percent, four hundred dollars and it’s, again, there for the for the taking of those people you go out and share those DNA UStart kits with. So, as you pick a pack, make sure you understand, you pick the right pack because you’re going to go out and build a business. The speed of the leader determines the rate of the pack. So, make sure that you’re setting the tone, setting the example for your business to follow what you do.


So, folks, get out of the way of momentum, momentum is happening right now, make sure you swab, you register, and you get him in the mail right away because the sooner you do that the sooner your DNA pairs to your very own Uforia Science Utrition. This is how the business moves.  Welcome to Uforia Science were being you never felt better.