Ron Williams - Founder and CEO of Uforia Science Chapter 1: Getting Started with Uforia

Video Narration: Getting Started with Uforia

Hi, This is Ron Williams CEO at Uforia Science, coming to with a four part series, this is chapter one, getting started. So, getting started is $39.95 and what it basically does is, it sets you up to do your business, that’s the first thing it does. Number two is, it allows you to have your own replicated website not only for customers who just want to use and consume the product, but also for people like you who want to build the business, more of a business tone website replicated with your name on it.

The next thing is, you have a 24/7 app. Yes, as early as we are in the game, there’s a twenty-four seven app to have your business at your fingertips, twenty four seven. That app also includes analytics of who’s watching the videos how long they’re watching the videos and correspondence between you and your prospects. Next, is basically your back-office reports. You have all these beautiful reports, so you can move with your business real time, you can see what’s going on, you can see who’s registered, who hasn’t, etc.., etc… What’s cool about that is, whether it’s the merchant account, whether it’s the shopping cart, whether it’s the dropship, the couriers, even the checkout counter we’ve got you covered all the way to your doorstep. Finally, number five, the cherry on top, the training. Show me good training, I’ll show you a good company and we went out and got the best, his name….Eric Worre.


So, as soon as you join Uforia Science, right there in your back office, you will receive a series of Eric Worre trainings valued somewhere between eight and ten thousand dollars, just for you to succeed. If you look at this, and you see this, getting started you can see that everything within Uforia Science is designed to “T” you up to succeed why is this so important it’s because we are sitting in the lap of Uforia Science, cutting edge, the cell phone to the lan line, this is our business, this is our time, this is our market place, we’re competing with ourselves, so this is a time that we can really leverage DNA nutrition, made specific only for you where nearly four hundred million unique formulas are made, one is yours, so welcome to Uforia, were being you, never felt better.