Uforia Science Health Pro Strategic Partnership Program

Uforia Science Business Opportunity for Health Professionals

Benefits of Becoming a Strategic Health Professional (Pro) Partner:


  1. Unique selling proposition. Be first to market Utrition

  2. Additional office visit.

  3. Added Value to your Clients.

  4. Results + Referrals.

  5. Capitalize on the personalized health care movement

How to become a Health Pro Partner with Uforia Science


Everything is moving towards personalization. This give you an opportunity to really capitalize and be on the four-front of that personalized healthcare movement, called Uforia Science – Utrition

 Let me explain exactly how it works. To become a health pro professional, you start off with a ten pack. What that does is, it gives you twenty five percent off, so, step number one is to become a Uforia-Strategic Partner.

By purchasing a ten pack it’s $1,199.00 (eleven hundred and ninety nine dollars), you instantly receive twenty five percent off of each kit yet which is $400.00 (four hundred dollars) in savings.

 And immediately you’re going to get or receive ongoing product education and marketing support to help you implement this into your over-all practice, your clinic, your chiropractic office, your health club, your wellness center or what ever the case might be. From there, as you go out and sell 10 kits, the suggested retail price is a $159.00 (one hundred fifty nine dollars), that generate fifteen hundred ninety dollars gross revenue. We also have a program, every two kits that you sell, Uforia rewards you with one share. This is what is called UBonus – bonus pool.

 The average pool, is roughly sixty dollars per month. 10 kits sold equals 5 shares or $300.00. You pay $1199.95 for the 10-pack and you’re earning $1890.00 Retail profit. So, there’s a healthy margin there between wholesale and retail. But perhaps the best part, about what it is, that Uforia Science is, the ongoing potential for monthly residual income. Uforia Science has Doctor’s that have signed up for the Health Pro Strategic Partner Program who are just strictly signing up customers everyday. But, if by chance one of the Doctor’s has a patient that is interested in becoming a Utritionist (independent distributor with Uforia Science) The Dr. would receive commission from every customer the Utritionist brings in as a customer or a Utritionist.

Doctor’s who have implemented the Health Pro Partner Program into their on-boarding practices, in some cases, Doctor’s will have their patient make an appointment to go over and explain the 35 page DNA report, and discuss what to expect over the next 30, 60, 90 days. Most Doctor’s call this Nutritional Therapy.

As menetioned above, as a Health Pro you have a unique opportunity to receive residuals, based on your clients orders\monthly autoship. Over time, this can lead up to a very lucrative residual income.



Utrition 30 Day Supply