Storytelling is by far the most underrated skill in business

Storytelling is by far the most underrated skill in business

Excerpt from - CRUSH IT!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on You Passion

By Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary V)

Who is Gary Vanerchuk?

Here is a little background on Gary Vanerchuk.

Gary’s parents are Russian immigrants who owned a liquor store. As a teenager, Gary worked behind the counter. To combat boredom, he started reading Wine Spectator. Since he was too young to train his palette on the wine, he decided to study all the different flavors associated with wine. This included obscure fruits and vegetables, grass, dirt, rocks, tobacco and wood.

In college, Gary started re-branding the business as Wine Library and establishing himself as an expert. One of the things that really aggravated him was the stuffiness and snobbery from “traditional” wine sommeliers. It’s this pet peeve, paired with his zest for wine, business and the internet that make Gary an interesting case study in personal branding and entrepreneurship.

Gary truly believes that everyone deserves to love what they do and be so passionate about it that they can’t help but be successful.

While I completely believe in this – and share that philosophy on many levels, I realize that there are some individuals who are truly gifted and inspired entrepreneurs. Gary has that magical mix of passion, well earned expertise and tireless enthusiasm and creativity – that not all of us can muster consistently. And this is where you might find “Crush It!” helpful.

 “Crush It!”

Here are just some of the topics I found interesting:

Crush It Why Now Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion Gary Vaynerchuk

  • What real hustle looks like
  • Social Media Basics

Why You Should Read This Book

If you’re looking for some wildly intellectual, deeply insightful or philosophical business strategy, you may not enjoy this book. This book isn’t academic. It’s practical and straightforward. “Crush It!” comes straight from Gary Vaynerchuk’s soul.

The best reason to read this book is because it’s fun, inspiring and full of great ideas and resources. If all you do is choose one idea to implement each month – you will be further ahead in building your brand and increasing sales.

I personally love this book and have read it twice. -Abundant Life Network