Transform Your Life by Chris Lee

Are you ready to transform your career, your relationship, your wealth, and your life? Chris Lee shows you how to discover the overflowing abundance that is within you so you can create the prosperity that you deserve.

This book reveals the life-changing principles of abundance and prosperity that lee teaches in his highly acclaimed workshops, providing everyone with the opportunity to create their future, instead of waiting for it. Not only will you learn these monumental principles and how to properly implement them in your life, but you'll also learn:

  • The 10 life-changing principles of abundance and prosperity that is vital to success in all areas of success.
  • The one thing everyone must do before they can create abundance.
  • How to uncover your limiting beliefs so you can awaken true abundance and prosperity.
  • The right way to use visualizations, affirmations, and declarations.
  • How to set goals and move towards them with persistence and clarity.
  • How to shift your consciousness and inject positive energy into your goals and dreams.
  • How to clear the negative emotions and feelings that create a barrier between you and the abundance you seek                     Source,Inc

Video of Chris Lee promoting his new book from his backyard in Florida

Leadership: Chris Lee discussing his new book: Transform Yours Life -10 Principles of Abundance and

Chris Lee - Transformation Coach, Author