what is an amazon dash button

Order Products Easier and Faster with the Amazon Dash Button

You've probably come across images of the Amazon Dash Button on the Internet but have no idea what purpose it serves. First, let me start off by saying...the Amazon Dash Button is a great little device (gadget). You simply press the button and a package shows up on your doorstep within a couple of days. The downside is, that you have to buy new buttons for each product, and you could only use them to buy those products.

The Amazon Dash Button is a small electronic device designed to make ordering products easier and faster. The Dash buttons come in packs; each device contains an embedded button and is emblazoned with the name of an oft-ordered product. Users can configure each button to order a specific product and quantity, via the user's Amazon.com account, and mount the buttons, using adhesive tape or a plastic clip, to locations where they use the products. Pressing the button would send a Wi-Fi signal to the Amazon Shopping app, and automatically order new stock of whatever product the button is configured to order; the click would also send a message to the user's mobile phone, and the user would have a half-hour window to cancel. Source: Wikipedia

Here are a few of the Amazon Dash Buttons: