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Do you, or someone you love, suffer from chronic fatigue, diabetes, stress or anxiety,
fibromyalgia, muscle or joint pain, sleep problems, difficulty focusing,
decreased sex-drive, immune or neurological concerns, including Parkinson's & Alzheimer's Diseases?

Are you an athlete or performer? Or someone who is just concerned about preventing
the premature signs of aging?

If you answered, "yes" to any of these... the information we're about to share,
could be some of the most exciting and revolutionary information you've ever discovered!


What is Laminine?

Considered by healthcare professionals to be one of the the most remarkable breakthroughs in nutriceutical science, Laminine is a powerful adaptogen, which helps regenerate aging cells and nourish unhealthy cells, supporting the process of restoring them to their original healthy state.

Your body has its own repair mechanism, the physiological ability to regenerate your own damaged cells, and restore the body to homeostasis -- the natural state of balance. This repair mechanism is alive and well, when we are younger, but as we age, it falters and can become less reliable.

Laminine unleashes this powerful repair mechanism inside the cells, by giving the body everything it needs in synergistic balance to heal itself at the cellular level. Regular use of Laminine can bring physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing to a whole new level.

Watch the video, from our PBS Television special, at the bottom of this page, and be sure to contact your personal LifePharm Global Wellness Advocate, listed below. They can help put you in touch with one of our Medical Advisory Team members, if you have any questions, and can help you get started, risk-free on a powerful, 90-day journey to better health.

Laminine - the Miracle from the Avian Egg, and the best of modern science

The secret to Perfect Health, Uncovered
Have you ever wondered how a child physically develops at such a dramatic rate? Or how young people can exert so much energy, and recover so quickly? Have you ever noticed how a child is able to pick up new languages so easily, and how their ability to recall even the seemingly slightest of things comes so readily to them?



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